We Feature Motorola Pagers


The ADVISOR is a full featured alphanumeric pager that can be used to receive and store text and numeric messages as well as conventional numeric messages. The ADVISOR can receive a full text message eliminating the need for the user to return calls. Designed for the heavy alpha user, ADVISOR displays messages over a large four line display, and has an advanced feature set. 

Advisor Gold 
Witness a miracle for yourself, and get the technology you want with the features you need - all in one small, powerful package. At Motorola we're putting the power of words in the palm of your hand. Advisor Gold has a four line display for easy reading of text and numeric messages. Very advanced features including a personal notebook and message alarm make this a high tier word message pager. 

Advisor Pro 

The ADVISOR Pro is a full featured alphanumeric pager designed for people who want a pager that is easy to use. Text and numeric messages are displayed on the 2 line front mount display. There is plenty of memory capability for messaging and to receive information services. The Advisor Pro is Motorola's small wonder in text and numeric messaging.

Advisor Elite 
The power comes from within. ADVISOR EliteTM word message pager has a 4-line display and the ability to store up to 30,000 total characters. Up to 15 different information services can bring you continuous updates of vital information. FLEX technology adds the strength of improved page reliability and extended battery life. Light up all its features with breakthrough intensity and you have a product that is...illuminating! The Optimax ELTM Electra Light Display provides exceptional clarity. And the Zoom feature lets you enlarge the display from 4 lines to 2 for easy readability. The Advisor Elite pager puts you in charge. Take advantage of an illuminating display of power. 


People everywhere are singing the praises of a hot little pager called Jazz. Check out its repertoire and you'll understand why - Jazz is very talented. As Motorola's smallest word pager, Jazz delivers complete messages, often eliminating the need to call back. Not only that, Jazz updates you on what's happening in your world of interests - which bands are touring, which teams are in the playoffs, and even top news stories. Jazz comes in 4 exciting colors and offers enhanced features such as a Phone Directory, Event Alarm and Motorola's Exclusive OPTIMAXTM Holographic display which provides exceptional clarity for easy readability. What's more, Jazz is super-reliable, featuring FLEXTM technology. With FLEXTM you'll get longer battery life and improved page reliability. In every respect Jazz is tuned to your needs. 


The Word is Out! The WORDline FLXTM word message pager brings you numeric or full word messages, plus, the latest in news, sports, and entertainment information. The WORDline FLX gives you complete messages, often eliminating the need to call back. You'll know what's happening in the world around you, which bands are touring, and even which teams are in the playoffs. The WORDline FLX, equipped with the FLEXTM technology, provides improved page reliability and extended battery life. So, you can be sure you will get the message about the party on Saturday night. Or the one about the change in meeting location. WORDline FLX. The word is here. The word is now. The word is out.


Memo Express

The Memo Express is an exciting addition to the Motorola Paging Products Family. The Memo Express has the ability to receive both alphanumeric (text) and numeric messages! It is positioned for the user that needs the high-tier numeric capabilities and features, and also has the need for brief text messaging. The scrolling display provides easy reading of messages up to 120 characters in length over a single line display, while its compact size, front mount display, and variety of color choices appeal to you're fashion sense.


The PageWriter™ 2000X two-way wireless communications center includes powerful built-in applications for message management (reading, writing, organizing messages)and address book management. Also included with the product is the powerful "Productivity Suite" which includes Scheduler, Alert 2000, Note Pad and To Do Manager. A variety of additional applications are being developed to suit personal, business, and specific market needs. 


It's a Pager: State-of-the-art Motorola 900 MHz FLEXTM paging technology Alphanumeric pager. Receives word and/or number messages Holds up to 16 personal messages, of up to 104 characters each FLEXtimeTM feature- time and date set by themselves! The time and date are automatically set through a paging signal so that your watch maintains accurate timekeeping. Time automatically resets when you pass through a time zone in the U.S. as well as for changes in daylight savings time. (when in paging coverage area) Receives free daily Information feeds of Sports/News/Weather Choice of silent flashing light or selectable musical alerts to notify you when you receive a page One line scrolling message with stop, forward and reverse scrolling Battery indicators and Auto On/Off feature to easily extend your battery life. It's an Organizer Data LinkŪ system permits wireless download of information from your computer. An easy way to load your watch with up to 150 telephone numbers and set alarms directly from your computer.