Where is Total Recall?

Horseheads, NY (village) 
Population (1990): 6802 
Location: 42.16970 N, 076.82987 W 

The Village of Horseheads is 3.9 square miles in diameter and nestled near the Pennsylvania border in the Southern Tier of New York State. Centrally located between the cities of Elmira and Corning, our village is surrounded by the Town of Horseheads, which encompasses 28 square miles in Chemung County.  With a population of approximately  7000, we may be classified as a  "suburban" locale, but there is no  major city within a 75 mile radius. 

 Horseheads' loyal residents, with the help of the police department and other municipal departments and services, have recently been committed to both maintaining and improving upon the quality of life. A number of community activities can be enjoyed by all during every season. These include the annual Holly Days festival in November, the annual Horseheads Family Days in July, and  weekly concerts in Teal Park throughout summer months. 

 The Horseheads area is home to a number of museums, golf courses, restaurants,  a theater, a 
regional airport, parks, shopping centers, recreation facilities, five designated National Register of Historic Places landmarks (five in the village alone!), scenic farmland, and truly friendly neighborhoods and residents. The panoramic Finger Lakes region of New York sits in our backyard, and also offers  a wide variety of outdoor activities and cultural events, from backcountry camping  to wine tasting. 

How Horseheads got its name (The short story):

During the American Revolution, General Sullivan, on a campaign against the 
Iroquois Tribes, traveled through this area in 1779. Upon his return, his troops 
mercifully killed some 300 horses. Ten years later, the first settlers of the area 
discovered the bleached skulls of the horses. Except for two brief name changes in 
the 19th century, the name continues. 

If you'd like the long story go here:   http://www.stny.lrun.com/horseheads/hist.htm